The CareerHub Central solution

Before CareerHub Central, advertising job vacancies for university students and graduates was costly and time-intensive, involving tracking down each careers service and entering the same information into multiple forms at each individual institution. If you needed to add multiple vacancies you needed to go though the entire process each time.

Recruiting for graduate positions via your organisation’s webpage or general recruitment websites can attract hundreds of time-wasting applications from unsuitable applicants.

Now there is a better way - CareerHub Central.

CareerHub Central is a service which connects employers directly with participating university careers services, making it easy to promote vacancies and graduate programs to job-searching students and recent graduates.

CareerHub Central delivers what employers want - one website where you can create a job ad, manage your details, and automatically distribute them directly into the software used internally by most of the university careers services and students in Australia (CareerHub).

What are the benefits of using CareerHub?

  • Reach a potential of over 2.8 million students registered at 35 universities across Australia.
  • Send your profile and job ads directly to the students - behind the university firewall. Don't wait for them to come to you!
  • Maximise your marketing spend - don't waste time and money advertising on 'general public' recruitment websites reaching unqualified candidates.
  • Send your profile and job ads directly into the software system used by the careers services within the universities.
  • Make direct contact with each university’s careers service staff and leverage their valuable skills, knowledge of the institution and advice.
  • Tailor your profile to your target audience with the assistance of our professional copywriter. Write it once and distribute it automatically to universities.
  • Connect your profile to your job ads and on-campus event listings which are listed through CareerHub Central or directly with the university.

Our audience guarantee

Students and graduates are required to use their university passwords to access CareerHub so you can be guaranteed you are reaching the right audience. Because you are specifically targeting students or graduates, advertising via CareerHub ensures you will not receive inappropriate applications from all over the world. Save time on filtering and sending rejection letters.