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CareerHub Central is not just another jobs website - it's the solution that makes advertising vacancies and distributing your organisation’s profile to pre-qualified job-searching students and graduates easy and cost effective. We do not rely on marketing to get students to register with CareerHub Central, they are registered directly in their own university’s CareerHub system.

Advertising vacancies

CareerHub Central acts as a "clearing house" or distributor of your vacancies to all of the participating universities that use CareerHub software. Currently over 35 universities in Australia use CareerHub to manage the advertising of jobs, employer profiles, events and other career-related information to their students.

The vacancy distribution service is available at $180.00 (AUD) per vacancy for the distribution to as many universties as you select (this is NOT a per institution fee).

Please be aware that CareerHub Central is a distributor of vacancies and any fees you pay through this site are solely for the distribution process. Since the careers service staff at each university will decide whether your vacancy is suitable for publishing within their institution, CareerHub Central can not guarantee that your vacancy will be accepted by individual universities. Fees for the distribution process are not refundable. Read the guidelines for writing your vacancy advertisement to enhance its suitability for publishing.

Some institutions charge additional fees for advertising at their university. Any such fees will be negotiated directly between the Careers Service and yourself, and do not involve CareerHub Central in any way. Please read the Terms and Conditions for further information and contact us if you have any further queries.

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Promote your recruitment message to over 2.8 million candidates with a CareerHub Employer Profile all year round!

CareerHub Central provides the unique opportunity for employers to publish an Employer Profile directly on the CareerHub systems used by over 35 universities.

An Employer Profile allows you to have a year-round organisational presence within the universities’ CareerHub systems where you can promote your organisation directly to over 2.8 million targeted students and graduates. Promote the qualities you are seeking in candidates, graduate programme details, discipline areas from which you recruit or any other information you want to promote to students.

Students access and read your Employer Profile online in several ways whilst browsing their institution’s CareerHub, such as:

  1. browsing employers that have Employer Profiles
  2. browsing all employers by industry
  3. through dynamic linking from your listed vacancies or graduate programme
  4. through dynamic linking from your event listings e.g. Careers Fair attendance or on-campus presentations
  5. through links from archived vacancies whilst researching employers and career choices

Recruiters benefit from having an Employer Profile within each university’s CareerHub in the following ways:

  • it is only accessible to students and graduates of our participating universities
  • it reaches a market of over 2.8 million students or graduates currently registered on university CareerHub systems across Australia
  • it is automatically linked to any vacancies you have advertised, or on-campus events you have arranged with the university careers services
  • it can be updated at any time - unlike static print publications

Employer Profiles are available in different layout options with an 800-word limit. Your Employer Profile can be written by our professional copywriter in consultation with you for no additional fee, and approved by you before distribution to CareerHub’s participating universities.

CareerHub Central's Employer Profile feature is available for AUD$5,000 incl GST per annum or renew an existing Employer Profile for AUD$3,000 incl GST per annum. You can request minor edits to your Employer Profile for no additional fee. Once an Employer Profile is approved, activation within each university CareerHub site is same day.

  • View our Employer Profile brochure to apply today! Or log into your CareerHub Central employer account and select My Profile | Create a Profile in the menu at the left of the screen.
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Package Rates

CareerHub Central is now offering discounted package rates! Ideal for regular CareerHub Central Users, save money through our pre purchased job packages.

  • 20 Jobs for $3000 - You save $600
  • 50 Jobs for $6000 - You save $3000
  • 100 Jobs for $10000 - You save $8000

To further enquire about these rates, contact us.