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The idea of getting that “Career“ after years of study at USP has always been a significant aspect of a student’s life when they graduate from USP. This is a culmination of years of hard work, study and encountering numerous challenges. The USP Career Centre at Campus Life has recently set up a Career Centre Facebook site and is inviting and urging all USP students to join.  

  1. Career Information.
  2. Job Search Skills information.
  3. Current vacancies with the Fiji Civil Service.
  4. Vacancies in the Corporate sector.
  5. Career Workshops and Seminars.
  6. Self-employment information.
  7. Volunteerism and community work

So if you are serious about that career that you have always wanted to do when you graduate, join the USP Career Facebook Site now. Soon a Career website will be established to provide additional career advice and information

Contact Details

Semi Kalisinu Bilitaki
Career Counsellor and Service Coordinator
University of the South Pacific
Laucala Campus, Suva, Fiji
Tel: 679 32 31847 | Mob: 8452929 | Fax: 679 32  31535
Email:  semi.bilitaki(at)